5 Things to know if you are applying for mortgage the first time

Mortgage options are always vast and more overwhelming for first time applicants; the important ways of getting the best mortgage deal knowing the right information on how mortgages function, their interest and benefits. There 5 things that you should known when applying for mortgage for the first time.62

 1. Check if your finances are under control

Your finances determine your success in  getting the best mortgage deals. This involves  making sure that your money is in order and  ensuring that you are in a better position to  manage your finances. The best way is to have a good credit rating and bigger deposit which will ultimately ensure that you have more options while looking for a great mortgage deal.

2. Doing a simple credit search

Doing a credit search for yourself is a process that is geared towards checking and presenting you the right information on whether you are comfortable enough to get a good mortgage. It presents you with the accurate information that lenders use while considering whether to hire you. Your money should have a free credit check trial and the service will ultimately guarantee you the perfect opportunity to get good mortgage.

3. Know the cost of buying

Many new comers in the mortgage business lack the right calculation and knowledge of knowing the cost of buying. Sometimes the deal may not sound as good as it looks, the fees can be steep running into thousands and can cause you some serious financial problems even before you are through with investing your money in other future prospects and this will have a great impact on how much you can afford.

4. Know the money you need to spend on stamp duty

Stamp duty charges are equally important as the entire deal, it is referred as the levied slab style where the percentage applied is that which steps above the thresholds is perfectly applied to the entire purchase price. Charges vary according to the geographical locations but they normally range from about 1% to 4 % as it continues to step higher.

5. Know any of the extra costs that you may have to use

Sometimes brokers may not give you the full details about eh entire mortgage deal and you will think that it sounds good as you expected but it is important to check out and find from friends who are in the business and ask them any of the extra costs that you may have to spend on. There are costs that you will have to add and this includes the renting and the building insurance.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of CNG Conversion

There is no denying that the popularity of compressed natural gas (CNG) is increasing every passing day. Today, it is one of the most viable fuel options that is used by many drivers who are sensitive to costs and safety concerns. However, just like any other product out there, there are good and bad things associated with CNG. Here is a closer look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of converting to CNG.

To begin on a positive note, compressed natural gas is safer than contemporary fuel options like petrol. The fuel storage tanks of cars that use CNG are relatively thicker and stronger than those that use diesel or gasoline. According to statistical data in the United States, CNG fuel tank ruptures are the least reported. This is without mentioning that the cost of CNG is relatively lower than that of gasoline.

Another advantage of CNG conversion is that natural gas is not only abundant but also convenient to use. The US has a well-established network of natural gas to almost all the major cities and suburban areas. On the same note, CNG has a low maintenance cost.

As for disadvantages, one of the biggest complaints about converting to CNG is that cars that use CNG are not as roomy as conventional ones. This is because since CNG tanks require storage space, loss of luggage space is inevitable.

Another drawback associated with CNG conversion is that there is limited availability of CNG filling stations, while some areas in the US don’t have such stations at all. On the same note, the cost of converting to CNG is another limiting factor. Unless you have sufficient funds, you cannot afford the cost of converting your car.

Lastly, there is limited driving range of vehicles that can be converted to use CNG. On the same note is the fact that natural gas is a fossil fuel and cannot be renewed.

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Understanding Indian Kundan Jewelry Marketing

Vivianne Being the oldest form of jewelry in Ind and Asia, Indian Kundan jewelry traces its origins from the royal palaces and courts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. In traditional India most jewelry was made using gemstones that were mounted together with gold. This traditional method was used in making all kinds of jewelry. In India, kundan means highly refined gold. Kundan jewelry is popularly used and worn during traditional Indian weddings. Some of the kundan jewelry include bracelets, diamond necklace, earrings, rings, anklets and Bayles. Kundan jewelry was mostly associated with Indian royal families and this made it so popular among Indian societies.indian jewelry earrings

Indian Kundan jewelry is made by simply using shaped gemstones and pure refined gold. It undergoes several processes before it becomes complete. The process of designing the shapes is called ghaat and is usually the first process which is then followed by waxing of the designed shaped in a second process called paadh. After waxing the skeleton shapes are then fitted with gem stones which then proceed to the next stage of enameling where more details are then added to the designed shapes. The second last stage involves the mounting of the gems together using gold foils which then undergo a soldiering process before being polished and refined for sale.

There are different shapes which are used in designing the kundan jewelry. The most common and popular shapes include the; the round shaped kundan jewelry, the square shaped kundan jewelry, the heart shaped kundan jewelry and the marquise shaped kundan jewelry.

Because these types of jewelry are highly valuable, the stones used in making them are also valuable. The common materials used in making the kundan jewelry are gold, silver, rhodium, Crystal and glass. Among the precious stones used in making Indian kundan jewelry include diamond jewelry, pearl, quartz, emerald, roby and sapphire.

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