Tottenham plan against Barcelona: “Keep Messi away from goal”

FC Barcelona has been waiting for a win for three games. An unusual feeling for the Catalans. Now the hard way to Tottenham awaits them.

London – Tottenham are already under a lot of pressure before the Champions League’s hits against FC Barcelona. The English gave up all their points against Inter Milan in the final, while Barcelona lost Eindhoven 4-0. But the Barca engine is currently stuttering, Ernesto Valverde’s side have been without victory in the Spanish championship for three games.

Lionel Messi had to slip into the unusual role of the calmer. After a 1-1 defeat of Athletic Bilbao, the third game in a row without any sense of achievement, the Argentinian tried to calm down. The season is still long, Barca has a strong team with strong games, said Messi, who should actually be spared for the upcoming CL game. But because it didn’t work out for his colleagues, he had to be the joker – and prepared the equaliser by Munir.

Mauricio Pochettino Honours

Newell’s Old Boys

  • Primera División: 1990–91, Clausura 1992


  • Copa del Rey: 1999–2000, 2005–06


  • Premier League Manager of the Month: October 2013, September 2015, February 2016, April 2017

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At London’s Wembley Stadium, the Catalans now hope to show their CL face again. PSV Eindhoven, on the other hand, were not the real yardstick for the 4-0 win, including three Messi goals. “If we win, it looks very good. If we lose, it would be very bad,” Valverde outlined the starting position. “We know that if we win, we’d make a big step towards the round of sixteen.”

Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochettino, a club icon for Barca’s local rival Espanyol after over 200 games, is of course particularly motivated. “It’s always nice to win a game, but all the more so against Barcelona. It would mean a lot to us.” Cadoola Casino offers a wide range of games and offers a welcome bonuses upon registration!

The Argentinian is considered one of the hottest stocks on the coaching market. From time to time he is said to be interested by Real Madrid. He would never train his future opponent, said Pochettino. “Our paths go in different directions. It’s impossible for me to train in Barcelona.”

Pochettino is particularly fond of his opponent: “For me, Messi is still the best player in the world and will be until the end of his career.” He’s not even trying to find a solution against his compatriot. “I think that’s impossible.” His team has to try to stay a lot in the opposing half – also to keep Messi away from his own goal. “If we can’t do that, it’ll be terrible.”

Napoli already under pressure to move

It was clear to Napoli after the draw for Hammer Group C with Paris Saint-Germain and Liverpool that any point could be decisive. All the more disappointing was the 0:0 for the sky blue at the opening match of the Salzburg conquerors Red Star Belgrade.

The form barometer before the home game against Liverpool does not necessarily speak for the eleven of coach Carlo Ancelotti. While the South Italians lost the top game at Juventus Turin with 1:3, Liverpool still managed a 1:1 win at Chelsea. Before that, Jürgen Klopp’s team had won everything in the league. In the parallel game, PSG are facing a classic compulsory victory after their late 3-2 defeat in Liverpool at home to Red Star.

Schalke 04 is guest in Group D with Guido Burgstaller at Lok Moscow. Alessandro Schöpf, last gold goal scorer in the first league victory of the “Königsblauen”, did not take part in the trip to the Russian capital due to the flu. In Group A, Germany’s leaders Borussia Dortmund are the clear favourites against AS Monaco, who started the season with a miserable start, and could increase their chances of qualifying for the round of sixteen once again after their opening win, just like Atletico Madrid (receiving Bruges).

Reus penalty saves BVB! Favre: “Are through, only that counts”

Much risked, long trembled – Borussia Dortmund only reached the round of sixteen in the DFB Cup with great difficulty. The district club, weakened by extensive rotation, beat the second league team Union Berlin 3:2 (2:2, 1:0) in the duel of the undefeated only after extra time.

Thanks to the goals of Christian Pulisic (40th minute), Maximilian Philipp (73rd) and Marco Reus (120th/Foule penalty), the Bundesliga champions remained undefeated in front of 72,732 spectators in Signal Iduna Park on Wednesday, even without much glamour in the 14th compulsory match under the direction of Lucien Favre.

The BVB coach after the match: “It was very difficult to play against this team and destabilize them. In the end, we’re through, that’s all that matters.”

On the other hand, the visitors had to accept the first defeat of the season despite the two-time equalizer by Sebastian Polter (63./88.). In the hectic final phase, defender Marvin Friedrich saw the yellow-red card.

Maximilian PhilippHonours

SC Freiburg

  • 2. Bundesliga: 2015–16


  • UEFA European Under-21 Championship: 2017

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In view of the continuing chase, Favre decided on an extensive rotation and ordered in comparison to 2:2 four days ago against Hertha BSC seven new professionals into the team. Even the indispensable Marco Reus and Axel Witsel were sitting on the bench, Mario Götze was not in the squad because of a cold.

This XXL conversion did not pass the team without a trace. At the beginning there was little to see of the fast attacking football of the past weeks. Similar to the 2nd cup round two years ago at the same location, which had only been decided in favour of BVB in the penalty shootout, the “Eisernen” proved to be an uncomfortable opponent.

In the 24th and 25th minute alone, the guests had three good chances through Robert Zulj, Christopher Lenz and Florian Hübner to take the lead. On the other hand, the higher-ranking team from Dortmund had for a long time only once seen a real goalscoring chance when Maximilian Philipp Union-Keeper tested Rafal Gikiewicz (10th).

Despite a poor performance until then, the BVB scored 1-0: Pulisic was on the spot after a remarkable cross from Mahmoud Dahoud and a header from Shinji Kagawa and pushed the ball over the line from a short distance. This was a happy lead, especially as Kenny Prince Redondo from Berlin hit the crossbar just two minutes later.

At the beginning of the second half, the BVB increased their pace, but missed out on a 2-0 shot from Raphael Guerreiro (52), who was substituted for the injured Abdou Diallo. This was to pay off eleven minutes later: The recently substituted Polter brought his team back into the game with the equalizer. But the joy of the Berliners lasted only a short time. With a tight shot after Pulisic’s pass, Philipp took the lead again for the favourite, but not yet for the victory. Polter saved his team with a header two minutes before the supposed end into extra time.Cyber Club Casino is an online casino site with a classy new design including high-definition graphics and an easy to navigate theme.

With the substitution of the top performers Reus (79.), Witsel (86.) and Jadon Sancho (90.) Favre tried to avert the imminent disaster. With success: After Friedrich’s foul on Pulisic, the referee Guido Winkmann decided on the penalty kick, which Reus turned safely.

FC Wacker flies to Hartberg peat festival from ÖFB Cup

In a spectacular game, FC Wacker caught up three times to lose in Hartberg 3:4 and to say goodbye to the ÖFB Cup.

Hartberg – When almost everyone in the Profertil Arena in Hartberg reckoned with extra time, Christoph Kröpfl had the last word in a spectacular cup fight. Michael Schimpelsberger left Hartberg too much room on the left side and the Joker flicked the ball without much resistance in the 88th minute to the 4:3 final score in the long corner. Wacker-Keeper Hidajet Hankic was almost sorry after the final whistle. The 24-year-old had a double mistake, which was one of the reasons why FC Wacker missed their goal of hibernating in the ÖFB Cup.

Eleven players awarded twice

It should take about nine minutes for the match to pick up speed. Martin Harrer attacked first in his own penalty area quite impetuously, the following penalty whistle of referee Manuel Schüttengruber was nevertheless too hard. Hidajet Hankic reacted strongly against Sanogo in the penalty kick, but the penalty kick was repeated because the Tyrolean goalie had left his line too early. Curious, because the Hartberger had actually hit in the shot to the lead. So Sanogo took the lead a second time – and this time they aimed too high. FC Wacker were only briefly pleased, as Sanogo took a free-kick to the crossbar in the 12th minute and Christian Ilic used the extra shot to deserve Hartberger’s lead.

But the Tyroleans responded strongly and immediately equalised: Patrik Eler took a free-kick from just under 22 metres into the corner. A scene reminiscent of Slovenia’s heyday in the second half of the 2016/17 season. The next excitement followed in minute 28: The leading role was played by Keeper Hankic, who had recently earned a lot of praise with his performances against Salzburg (1:1) and Austria (0:0). The goalkeeper let a modest long-range shot slide forward, Fabian Schubert only had to say thank you – Hartberg led 2-1 after just half an hour.

Wacker responded with a dangerous Harrer long-range shot, which Sallinger just managed to tame. But overall the Styrian surprise team was the better, more dangerous team and led to the break deserved with 2:1. Jupiter Slots has an interesting concept when it comes to its welcome offer.

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Vallci double pack and Hankic mistake

The second run started with a Hartberger counterattack, where Bryan Henning could just clear the corner. There wasn’t much to see from FC Wacker until Albert Vallci played a great double pass with Harrer after one hour, prevailed and finished confidently in the long corner to 2:2.

But the Innsbruckers shot themselves into their knees once again – when Siegfried Rasswalder scored, Goalie Hankic looked twice as bad – after 66 minutes Hartberg was leading again.

Wacker coach Karl Daxbacher reacted and brought Zlatko Dedic and Stefan Rakowitz additional strength for the offensive. But the goal was scored again by a defender – again it was Albert Vallci, who rose the highest in his Styrian homeland after a Harrer header and decimated in the 75th minute to 3:3. We came back three times, the morale fits, but it was too little,” sighed Wacker coach Karl Daxbacher.

4 Internet Radio Shows and Programs Which Could Get Your Total Attention

Currently there are many radio programs on the internet that are increasingly successful. One of them is Beats 1, by Apple. This is a positive thing since it’s a new platform for any type of promotion. Therefore, here we bring some internet radio shows and programs which could get your total attention:

Alien Jams with Chloe Frieda

This radio program is broadcasted by NTS and conducted by Alien Jams, who focuses on the history or any news of electronic music, placing the most recognized hits or the latest singles that DJs release to the market. The Alien Jams drive has caught the attention of a certain part of the cyber world, which makes the program even more attractive.

BBC AZN Network

This program is broadcasted by the massive BBC network, representing the Asian culture that also has British blood. Manara and Sweyn Jupiter try to provide the best wave through their driving, in addition to placing the best current music; from R & B to Pop.

Future Beats with Doc Scott

This program is conducted by Dr. Scott transmitted by the platform ‘Origin’, where they try to focus on music of the past as well of the present, where Dr. Scott gives his point of view on any criticism, in addition to also make mixes of songs that blow your mind.

WTBS with DJ Speculator

This program is broadcasted on Newtown Radio, and conducted by DJ Willie Burns. This program is broadcasted from New York, and has a good audience for its programmatic content. Undoubtedly the songs of the 70, 80 and 90 are an attraction to many; Dj Willie also makes very good mixes.

The importance that the internet has today can create good things, such as these internet radio platforms; It doesn’t matter if you don’t transmit your program from Apple or any other big platform. There are many internet radios that are totally unknown, but if your content is good and attractive, you will undoubtedly gain attention quickly with the respective promotion.


4 Ways in Which Podcasts and Radio Shows are Not the Same Thing and will Never Be

With the new idea of podcasts, this medium is very confused with what we have always known as the radio. No doubt why they have similarities, but they will never be the same. For that reason here we bring you a list of why podcasts and radio shows are not the same thing and will never be:


The radio medium is totally local, this medium must have legal and even technological limits, so their diffusion is usually regional or sometimes national, it’s never international. While the podcast is entirely international thanks to the internet, without any limitations except those established by the distribution platform.

Who is it for?

Radio is aimed at a very large audience, very broad, where various topics that are of social interest are touched. But always the radio has as a programming to which they will adapt. The objective will always be to expand the audience the more. While podcasts are aimed at “niche” audiences, as a specific theme that is focused in attracting those who are also interested.

To listen to them

In radios, in order to listen to the program you want, you have to tune to the exact time and if you don’t, you’re listening to it halfway. While the podcasts can be heard completely, the episodes will be available on the corresponding platforms forever.


On the radio, daily programs are usually subject to a continuous theme that can be discussed. While in the podcast each episode deals with a specific topic.

Podcasts undoubtedly have certain similarities with radio, since the end result will always be the same, which is to communicate with a specific audience and provide information. But they have nothing to do with it. Podcast with a massive use of the internet is undoubtedly having a greater audience as it’s easier to access to the episodes they provide.

The 4 Best Paid Radio Hosts – Did You Know That They Make That Much Money?

Many people thought that the radio was something unimportant, for which the host doesn’t have major importance and/or influence; possibly even receive a normal payment for talking every day in front of a microphone, but the answer is no. Speaking is expensive, for some people. Therefore, here we bring you to the best paid radio hosts:

Howard Stern

He is a very recognized radio host worldwide. Therefore, he leads any list of the best paid radio hosts. We are talking about more than $90 million dollars that he has earned in just one year. For this reason he has become one of the wealthiest people in Hollywood with a heritage of more than $ 400 million.

Rush Limbaugh

This radio host earns approximately more than $80 million annually for his radio program. In addition, he was awarded with a juicy annual salary increase because the radio medium has a totally positive audience increase (more than 20%) thanks to his sincere political comments about Trump.

Ryan Seacrest

This radio host, as well as being a TV presenter is one of the most famous in the USA. In addition to being one of the wealthiest according to Forbes, Ryan receives an annual salary of almost $ 60 million dollars. Amazing but true.

Glenn Beck

He’s another radio conductor who has earned $10 million dollars annually for his radio program, and to people’s surprise, this is the lowest salary that has been calculated to him due to internal problems with the radio that works, Mercury Radio Arts. But his program is one of the most listened to in the US.

Whoever says that the radio doesn’t make money is lying. Everything will depend on how much audience the radio operator generates. The more popular you are, the higher your salary will be. Radio is something that will never go out of style, if the least-listened radio program in the US is 5 million listeners.