4 Internet Radio Shows and Programs Which Could Get Your Total Attention

Currently there are many radio programs on the internet that are increasingly successful. One of them is Beats 1, by Apple. This is a positive thing since it’s a new platform for any type of promotion. Therefore, here we bring some internet radio shows and programs which could get your total attention:

Alien Jams with Chloe Frieda

This radio program is broadcasted by NTS and conducted by Alien Jams, who focuses on the history or any news of electronic music, placing the most recognized hits or the latest singles that DJs release to the market. The Alien Jams drive has caught the attention of a certain part of the cyber world, which makes the program even more attractive.

BBC AZN Network

This program is broadcasted by the massive BBC network, representing the Asian culture that also has British blood. Manara and Sweyn Jupiter try to provide the best wave through their driving, in addition to placing the best current music; from R & B to Pop.

Future Beats with Doc Scott

This program is conducted by Dr. Scott transmitted by the platform ‘Origin’, where they try to focus on music of the past as well of the present, where Dr. Scott gives his point of view on any criticism, in addition to also make mixes of songs that blow your mind.

WTBS with DJ Speculator

This program is broadcasted on Newtown Radio, and conducted by DJ Willie Burns. This program is broadcasted from New York, and has a good audience for its programmatic content. Undoubtedly the songs of the 70, 80 and 90 are an attraction to many; Dj Willie also makes very good mixes.

The importance that the internet has today can create good things, such as these internet radio platforms; It doesn’t matter if you don’t transmit your program from Apple or any other big platform. There are many internet radios that are totally unknown, but if your content is good and attractive, you will undoubtedly gain attention quickly with the respective promotion.


4 Ways in Which Podcasts and Radio Shows are Not the Same Thing and will Never Be

With the new idea of podcasts, this medium is very confused with what we have always known as the radio. No doubt why they have similarities, but they will never be the same. For that reason here we bring you a list of why podcasts and radio shows are not the same thing and will never be:


The radio medium is totally local, this medium must have legal and even technological limits, so their diffusion is usually regional or sometimes national, it’s never international. While the podcast is entirely international thanks to the internet, without any limitations except those established by the distribution platform.

Who is it for?

Radio is aimed at a very large audience, very broad, where various topics that are of social interest are touched. But always the radio has as a programming to which they will adapt. The objective will always be to expand the audience the more. While podcasts are aimed at “niche” audiences, as a specific theme that is focused in attracting those who are also interested.

To listen to them

In radios, in order to listen to the program you want, you have to tune to the exact time and if you don’t, you’re listening to it halfway. While the podcasts can be heard completely, the episodes will be available on the corresponding platforms forever.


On the radio, daily programs are usually subject to a continuous theme that can be discussed. While in the podcast each episode deals with a specific topic.

Podcasts undoubtedly have certain similarities with radio, since the end result will always be the same, which is to communicate with a specific audience and provide information. But they have nothing to do with it. Podcast with a massive use of the internet is undoubtedly having a greater audience as it’s easier to access to the episodes they provide.

The 4 Best Paid Radio Hosts – Did You Know That They Make That Much Money?

Many people thought that the radio was something unimportant, for which the host doesn’t have major importance and/or influence; possibly even receive a normal payment for talking every day in front of a microphone, but the answer is no. Speaking is expensive, for some people. Therefore, here we bring you to the best paid radio hosts:

Howard Stern

He is a very recognized radio host worldwide. Therefore, he leads any list of the best paid radio hosts. We are talking about more than $90 million dollars that he has earned in just one year. For this reason he has become one of the wealthiest people in Hollywood with a heritage of more than $ 400 million.

Rush Limbaugh

This radio host earns approximately more than $80 million annually for his radio program. In addition, he was awarded with a juicy annual salary increase because the radio medium has a totally positive audience increase (more than 20%) thanks to his sincere political comments about Trump.

Ryan Seacrest

This radio host, as well as being a TV presenter is one of the most famous in the USA. In addition to being one of the wealthiest according to Forbes, Ryan receives an annual salary of almost $ 60 million dollars. Amazing but true.

Glenn Beck

He’s another radio conductor who has earned $10 million dollars annually for his radio program, and to people’s surprise, this is the lowest salary that has been calculated to him due to internal problems with the radio that works, Mercury Radio Arts. But his program is one of the most listened to in the US.

Whoever says that the radio doesn’t make money is lying. Everything will depend on how much audience the radio operator generates. The more popular you are, the higher your salary will be. Radio is something that will never go out of style, if the least-listened radio program in the US is 5 million listeners.