FC Wacker flies to Hartberg peat festival from ÖFB Cup

In a spectacular game, FC Wacker caught up three times to lose in Hartberg 3:4 and to say goodbye to the ÖFB Cup.

Hartberg – When almost everyone in the Profertil Arena in Hartberg reckoned with extra time, Christoph Kröpfl had the last word in a spectacular cup fight. Michael Schimpelsberger left Hartberg too much room on the left side and the Joker flicked the ball without much resistance in the 88th minute to the 4:3 final score in the long corner. Wacker-Keeper Hidajet Hankic was almost sorry after the final whistle. The 24-year-old had a double mistake, which was one of the reasons why FC Wacker missed their goal of hibernating in the ÖFB Cup.

Eleven players awarded twice

It should take about nine minutes for the match to pick up speed. Martin Harrer attacked first in his own penalty area quite impetuously, the following penalty whistle of referee Manuel Schüttengruber was nevertheless too hard. Hidajet Hankic reacted strongly against Sanogo in the penalty kick, but the penalty kick was repeated because the Tyrolean goalie had left his line too early. Curious, because the Hartberger had actually hit in the shot to the lead. So Sanogo took the lead a second time – and this time they aimed too high. FC Wacker were only briefly pleased, as Sanogo took a free-kick to the crossbar in the 12th minute and Christian Ilic used the extra shot to deserve Hartberger’s lead.

But the Tyroleans responded strongly and immediately equalised: Patrik Eler took a free-kick from just under 22 metres into the corner. A scene reminiscent of Slovenia’s heyday in the second half of the 2016/17 season. The next excitement followed in minute 28: The leading role was played by Keeper Hankic, who had recently earned a lot of praise with his performances against Salzburg (1:1) and Austria (0:0). The goalkeeper let a modest long-range shot slide forward, Fabian Schubert only had to say thank you – Hartberg led 2-1 after just half an hour.

Wacker responded with a dangerous Harrer long-range shot, which Sallinger just managed to tame. But overall the Styrian surprise team was the better, more dangerous team and led to the break deserved with 2:1. Jupiter Slots has an interesting concept when it comes to its welcome offer.

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Vallci double pack and Hankic mistake

The second run started with a Hartberger counterattack, where Bryan Henning could just clear the corner. There wasn’t much to see from FC Wacker until Albert Vallci played a great double pass with Harrer after one hour, prevailed and finished confidently in the long corner to 2:2.

But the Innsbruckers shot themselves into their knees once again – when Siegfried Rasswalder scored, Goalie Hankic looked twice as bad – after 66 minutes Hartberg was leading again.

Wacker coach Karl Daxbacher reacted and brought Zlatko Dedic and Stefan Rakowitz additional strength for the offensive. But the goal was scored again by a defender – again it was Albert Vallci, who rose the highest in his Styrian homeland after a Harrer header and decimated in the 75th minute to 3:3. We came back three times, the morale fits, but it was too little,” sighed Wacker coach Karl Daxbacher.