4 Internet Radio Shows and Programs Which Could Get Your Total Attention

Currently there are many radio programs on the internet that are increasingly successful. One of them is Beats 1, by Apple. This is a positive thing since it’s a new platform for any type of promotion. Therefore, here we bring some internet radio shows and programs which could get your total attention:

Alien Jams with Chloe Frieda

This radio program is broadcasted by NTS and conducted by Alien Jams, who focuses on the history or any news of electronic music, placing the most recognized hits or the latest singles that DJs release to the market. The Alien Jams drive has caught the attention of a certain part of the cyber world, which makes the program even more attractive.

BBC AZN Network

This program is broadcasted by the massive BBC network, representing the Asian culture that also has British blood. Manara and Sweyn Jupiter try to provide the best wave through their driving, in addition to placing the best current music; from R & B to Pop.

Future Beats with Doc Scott

This program is conducted by Dr. Scott transmitted by the platform ‘Origin’, where they try to focus on music of the past as well of the present, where Dr. Scott gives his point of view on any criticism, in addition to also make mixes of songs that blow your mind.

WTBS with DJ Speculator

This program is broadcasted on Newtown Radio, and conducted by DJ Willie Burns. This program is broadcasted from New York, and has a good audience for its programmatic content. Undoubtedly the songs of the 70, 80 and 90 are an attraction to many; Dj Willie also makes very good mixes.

The importance that the internet has today can create good things, such as these internet radio platforms; It doesn’t matter if you don’t transmit your program from Apple or any other big platform. There are many internet radios that are totally unknown, but if your content is good and attractive, you will undoubtedly gain attention quickly with the respective promotion.