M2 Talk focuses on analyzing all sorts of Radio Shows and Podcast all over the internet. Although Radio has been looked down upon in the past years with the cellphone technology, the internet, and all the currently livestreaming options existing out there, Radio Shows and Podcast in general have evolved over time to be what they are today.

And I, Harvey Fletcher, created M2 Talk, to make them relevant once again in the mainstream media. Starting from small podcasts, to big Radio Shows, I have it all covered in this blog. No matter the topic, if it’s related to the radio, I am interested to let you know everything about it. So don’t worry, just relax and enter this world of fun and knowledge in audio form.

I post articles about the best and worst podcast available right now in the web, about some of the personalities who are bringing this form of communication to the mainstream, their opinions, fun fact about them, and even information about the technology around them. Here, in M2 Talk, you will find the best information, in the best way possible.

Learn with us everything about the radio world, and spread the word to make them know even more.